Why should I use BELLBIZZER to rent items?

BELLBIZZER is a marketplace connecting communities to their essentials nearby conveniently for short-term rental. The platform is simple, secured, and convenient.

Is there a fee for listing my items ?

On the BELLBIZZER platform, rest assured that you'll always be able to list your items for FREE.

What kind of items can I list ?

On the BELLBIZZER platform, you can list Office & Home Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Repair Tools, Gardening & Landscaping Tools, Maintenance Tools, Mechanics Tools, Sporting, Gym & Adventure Equipment, Textbooks, Home Appliances & Accessories. Categories may vary in the future.

What is NOT eligible to be listed for rental on BELLBIZZER?

You may not loan, or in any other manner transact, the following prohibited items such as, Residential properties, Commercial properties, Alcohol, Tobacco products, Drugs or drug paraphernalia, Firearms or Firearms accessories, frames, receivers, etc. Please check our Terms of Service to read the full list. Users that list such items will have their accounts suspended or permanently revoked.

Can items be delivered, or do I have to pick them up?

On the BELLBIZZER platform, you have access to instant booking for guaranteed pick-up or delivery, now or for future use. Each item contains their own logistical conditions.

What do I do if I need to extend my rental period?

Simply send an extension request to the provider, and it’s at their discretion to approve or decline based on availability.

What payment methods are accepted ?

BELLBIZZER uses a cashless billing system for safety reasons. Providers and clients are prompted to provide their payment methods (Debit Card, Credit Card) while setting up a profile, and before a rental request is executed. We use a Safe & Secure payment processing system, and your information gets encrypted.

How do BELLBIZZER fees work ?

The provider of an item assumes a BELLBIZZER transaction fee of 9%, and a payment processing fee. The client provides a flat service fee of $1.99. We provide the most competitive fees out there, because we created a platform that is affordable and a source for extra earnings.

What is the refund policy ?

If you need to file a refund claim, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at info@bellbizzer.com , or fil out the Contact Us form, and we will assess the situation with you.

How can I learn more about the platform ?

If you want to learn more about the BELLBIZZER platform, the service, liabilities, restrictions, terms for providers and clients, don’t hesitate to take a look at our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy at any time.